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In the last REAL Style issue I shared a Personal Style Concept, “The COLOR of YOU”, specifically the importance of Color, as color has the power to enhance or detract from your personal appearance, to lift or depress the spirit, and to carry message to others.

This issue I would like to share Personal Style Concept, “The FIT of YOU”, specifically the importance of FIT, as it is not just about what to where, but how to wear it. Take note: Style, Fit and Color are all key elements for creating a personal style that best represents YOUR qualities, attributes, and self-confidence.

I want my REAL Style readers to know apparel that enhances and flatters you is vital to your having an adequate wardrobe. Keep in mind, few of us have a perfect, well-proportioned body, but clothing can help create that illusion. For problem figures, or figure problems, identifying the problem is the first step toward solving it. Basic measurements are helpful, but even more important are body proportions when compared to the standard or ideal.

Did you know? Figure types are usually categorized as tall/thin, tall/heavy, short/thin, short/heavy, and average, based on the cultural ideal for women of 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing between 120 to 135 pounds. The well-proportioned figure is visually balanced with half the body height above the hip and half below. Shoulder width should be the same or slightly wider than the hips; bust and hip circumferences measure the same, with waist 10″ smaller, and waistline should be slightly lower than halfway between shoulders and bottom of the derriere. Other proportions to check are neck length, bust size and location, thigh and arm sizes, shape of tummy, shoulders, and back, and head position. You can judge your proportions with nothing more than a full-length mirror and an open mind.

There are also five basic body types to consider. Triangular, hips are larger than shoulders; Inverted Triangular, shoulders are larger than hips; Rectangular, balanced hips and shoulders-lean; Apple Shaped, balanced hips and shoulders-round; Hourglass, this type on women is also called shapely (an example is Marilyn Monroe).In addition to shape height is also a consideration: Petite Height, under 5’3”; Medium Height, 5’3” – 5’7”; and Tall, above 5’7”. If you are petite choose the shortest, narrowest, and smallest styles. Wear monochromatic colors to give the illusion of one long line. If you are average, choose medium or classic styles. If tall choose the longest, widest styles. Shop for clothes that fit your proportions.

Let’s not forget the “Effects of Lines”, as well because lines are the key for creating an illusion of a nearly perfect body, though color and texture can also help. Lines in garments are created through silhouette, construction details, trim, color, accessories, or other means. In making these comparisons, remember that nobody is perfect. Your purpose is to identify where or whether you may need to create visual illusions through clothing design. Note the influence of lines on these figures:

Figure 1 – Lines that carry the eye up the figure without interruption will give a taller, thinner look.

Figure 2 – Lines that carry the eye horizontally or side to side across the figure will give a shorter, wider look.

Figure 3 – Lines that change directions cause the eyes to stop or pause and call attention to the point of change.

Figure 4 – The sooner the eye meets a horizontal line, the shorter the figure appears.

Figure 5 – Widely spaced vertical lines draw the eye across the body, adding width instead of height.


I encourage you to take the first step toward creating your best image through the proper fit of clothing. Contact me for a Wardrobe/Fit Consultation. The knowledge that you will gain will help you enhance your style by selecting a wardrobe that best fits your body type. Wearing the correct lines of clothing will change your appearance and give you the confidence to look your best!

I look forward to bringing you the next REAL Style issue: Personal Style Concept, “The STYLE of YOU”!



Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017


Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017





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