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As we move into 2016 we are all wanting to freshen up our wardrobes. My REAL Style readers, I have just three words for you … “Accessorize, Accessorize, and Accessorize”!

Nothing updates a wardrobe or changes a look of an outfit more than a few chunky chains and bracelets, a hip belt, a colorful handbag or a pair of this season’s most fashionable shoes. Instead of spending a lot of money on outfits every season, you are better off buying some classic pieces, and then setting them off with some wow fashion accessories, which will say much more about your own personal style than clothes ever will. Accessories, far more than clothes, allow you to transform yourself and nurture your inner fashion chameleon. Our shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, belts and bags say much more about where we are in our lives or where we’d like to be. We accessorize to personalize our look, draw attention to ourselves, and to create an impact image. Accessories add interest, enables personal expression, and can further your figure flattery goals. They provide texture and polish to an outfit. With the right accessories an outfit will stand out.

A personal note to all you Fashionista’s who suffer with joint and back pain, like myself ── There are risk factors associated with long term use of heavy handbags, high heels and tight/heavy Jewelry. However, please take note ─ there are stylist accessories available that will help us all look fashionable without compromising our health in the New Year. I am so grateful for Fashionista’s like Kimberly Burns, Occupational Therapist and founder of Sensory Intuition.

While specializing in Wellness & Pain Management, Kim sees women every day who struggle with putting their health before their personal Style. I know this might sound strange to those of you who have never had to sacrifice your personal style/fashion for your personal health. I was surprised by how important my own Personal Style was to me following a fall in March that resulted in a multi – level cervical fusion leaving me feeling like the “Bionic Women” with 8 titanium screws & 4 plates holding my neck together. Now I find myself, “a Fashion Stylist who is having to sacrifice my LOVE for beautiful high heels, large statement jewelry and handbags for my health”.

REAL Style reader’s ── I’m here to tell you, Kimberly Burns has come to our rescue with jewelry & clothing modifications that will not sacrifice our personal style. She has combined STYLE, CREATIVITY and EROGONOMICS in the design of her fashionable posture purses and adjustable light weight jewelry, known as “KB Designs”. KB Design Lines Custom Jewelry creates and designs custom jewelry using quality beads and findings to bring you a beautiful piece that will accent any outfit. You can choose from a variety of chains and specialty findings that Kim has collected or she can design and hunt for that perfect charm or finding that’s just your style! And most importantly jewelry is light weight, expandable and the magnetic clasp is great for those of us who have chronic pain or arthritis in our fingers.

Kimberly Burns with her Posture Purse

I am most excited about Kim’s stylish “Posture Purses” (as shown here). The Posture Purses are going to help me update my existing wardrobe, personalize my look, add interest, enable my personal expression, and will reduce stress to my shoulders and posture by utilizing a light weight, around the waist design. By reducing what I carry and utilizing my core/center of gravity, I will have better posture and less pain without sacrificing my personal style. Thank You Kim for helping all “Fashionista’s” stay healthy & fashionable!

Kim Burns is making accessorizing easier! For your custom modification of your own personal stylish small posture purse or expandable magnetic clasp jewelry contact Kimberly Burns at (215) 499-0444.




Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017

Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017


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