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As a Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant I specialize in Personal Style Concepts. What is Personal Style? “It is the triumph of individual style. It’s all about you, the very special and unique you. It’s about finding your own natural style, the look that best compliments your personality and lifestyle.”

Personal Style is not just about what to where, but how to wear it. Style, Fit and Color is key for creating a personal style that best represents your qualities, attributes, and self-confidence.

In this REAL Style issue I would like to talk about the importance of COLOR, because identifying your true color palate is a very important aspect of defining your personal style. Did you know color has the power to enhance or detract from your personal appearance, to lift or depress the spirit, and to carry messages to others?


“Red Blooming Flower”

It’s true, color has a psychological impact on the person viewing it. RED – commands power and energy. It’s the color of creation and promotes vitality, passion, warm hearts, love and caution. BLUE – expresses serenity and peace. It’s the color of happiness. It manifests pleasure, joy, serenity and good fortune. YELLOW – radiates harmony and calmness. It symbolizes perfection and has a stimulating effect. GREEN – is resurrection and represents life, hope, renewal, pleasantness and peace. PURPLE – expresses power and creativity. It represents majesty. ORANGE – conveys a confident and outgoing nature. It represents health, wholeness and the heart meeting the mind in perfect balance. BLACK – is the absence of all colors. It prevails a sense of sinister, a certain mystery, the unknown and the unseen. It may provoke a depressive effect of sadness, while WHITE – is the color of light and conveys a pleasurable feeling of virginity, purity and heavenly peace.


“Riding Day”

Color awareness will definitely enhance your appearance. In the correct tone of color your eyes will sparkle and blemishes and wrinkles will seem less noticeable. You will look rested and assured of yourself. COLOR not only can change your look, it can change your outlook. Just ask Stacey Goes, the “Artist of Color”. No one knows more about COLOR than Stacey. The dominant force in Stacey’s work, no matter what the medium, is color, as shown here in her paintings titled “Red Blooming Flower & Riding Day.” Using a primary color palette, images appear organically through her delicate manipulation of paint and change with the natural light of day. Stacey paints with “Riding Day” passion. Words cannot describe her paintings; her paintings are an expression of what she may be feeling at the time and represented with color. Stacey states “color is something that you can sense, feel and appreciate in its true value.” Sparking Imaginations and inspiring creativity in others is Stacey’s greatest elation. She continues to teach color theory and mixing to aspiring artists of all ages. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Stacey has composed an epic novel through her work, which is currently showing at Collectors Wall Fine Art Galleries, 3800 South TamiamI Trail, Sarasota, FL.

Stacey Goes reminds us in her paintings to “surround ourselves with the colors we love.” Let’s all take Stacey’s advice and create a Personal Style with COLOR. I encourage you to take the first step toward creating your best image through the use of color. Contact me for a color analysis. The knowledge that you will gain will help you to enhance your natural good looks by selecting a wardrobe and makeup that harmonizes with your unique coloration. “Wearing the correct colors will change your appearance and simplify your life!



Stacey Goes



Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017


Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017



Posted by We've Got Style by Becca on Friday, May 26, 2017

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